• Skim Water Surface

  • Brush walls and floor 

  • Vacuum pool bottom

  • Clean tile

  • Backwashing/Routine filter cleaning

  • Clean pump strainer basket

  • Clean skimmer baskets

  • Test water balance

  • Standard chemicals to maintain water balance

  • Maintain service history chart on site



We have extensive experience performing pool and spa inspections for home buyers and sellers. We offer a basic pool inspection and additional specialized services. You will receive a narrative written report identifying your pool or spa's structural and mechanical componentsand our professional evaluation of their serviceability. You will typically recieve your report via email the business day following the inspection. We are happy to return to the property at no charge after the buyer moves in to explain the operation of the pool. 



Phone:  650.342.2484


Hill's Pool Service Inc. is fully Licensed and Insured

CA Contractor's License # 387590




A swimming pool is a major investment.  Protect your pool with a Hill's Pool Service Inc. maintenance professional.  We have the tools, supplies and experience necessary to keep your pool looking its best.  By investing in pool maintenance, you will be lowering your chances of encountering major issues with your pool when you want to use it the most.


We understand the frustration that can come with owning a swimming pool. It is our goal to take over the responsibility of maintaining your pool and provide you with peace of mind through regularly scheduled swimming pool service and maintenance so that your pool provides solely what you intended it for: fun and relaxation!


Hill's Pool Service is a company that provides both professionalism and knowledge, a company that will show up on time and consistently strive to exceed your expectations.  


Each pool we service requires a different type of care and our experienced team has the correct response to each issue that may arise.  We provide our customers with options that meet their specific needs without requiring a contract.  We believe that customers should not be locked in to an extended contract, and are so confident in our service that a maintenance contract is not needed.  Our service includes skim brushing walls and floor, vacuuming pool bottoms, cleaning tile, routine filter cleaning, and cleaning pump strainer baskets and skimmer baskets as needed.  We also test water balance, include all chemicals to maintain water balance, and maintain a service history chart.


Unlike many other companies, we include the cost of chemicals in your monthly maintenance fee. 


We also offer pool and safety inspections for real estate transactions.